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Asset remarketing, management and recycling since 1970

Thank you for your interest in King Surplus Company.

Asset Remarketing, Management and Recycling since 1970
We will buy, sell, trade, manage, warehouse, & recycle your surplus business and industrial assets. These assets can be anything of value, tangible or non-tangible, pertaining to ANY business including inventory, fixed assets, intellectual property, relationships, web sites and even the business itself.

We also decommission and dismantle plants and entire facilities managing the entire process including environmental issues. In Mexico we can manage the entire liquidation process including employee settlements, import/export, transportation, and pedimento issues. Since our inception 35 years ago, we have worked in countless industries and asset market segments. We are known in the USA and around the world as experts in minimizing liability and maximizing return by redeployment of capitol assets to the marketplace and by capitalizing on our 60+ years in the industrial scrap metal and recycling business at King Salvage, our sister company....

Outsourcing Is Your Best Solution
We are an outsource solution not a vendor. We become an integral part of your company and try to make our relationship with you seamless. The benefit to outsourcing is that you and your employees can stay focused on your core business while we handle your surplus asset management. You win several ways:

  • Your core business does not suffer because your people are not distracted trying to do something they have no experience doing.
  • You get maximum value from our 35 years experience, our extensive customer base
  • Our proprietary software that:
    • Allows our clients to not only see the status of their assets in real time and become apart of our process as little or as much as they like.
    • Allows us to create special solutions to fit our CLIENTS individual needs. For example: we can liquidate an entire facility in Phoenix or Mexico City or both simultaneously and set our system to automatically offer every single item out to ALL of their other subsidiaries across the world FIRST before anything was ever sold. We call this redeployment of asset.
    • Our unique 50 Day Success Window. Five ten day periods:
      • Days 1-10 - We can offer all assets to our clients other subsidiaries or offices
      • Days 11-20 - We can give then a last call
      • Days 21-30 - W start a period of selling to our customer network with in our system
      • Days 31-40 - We have a last call with in our system
      • Days 41-50 - We list in e-bay and other auctions.

Our Clients Range from Global Enterprises to Family Businesses
We identify clients as those we buy from or manage assets for. Our clients are companies like: Alcoa, CAT, Chemical Lime, Commercial Metals, Del Monte, GE, Sears, University of Texas, US Government, US Gypsum, Structural Metals, major cement & mining companies, families with estate issues, and individuals from every walk of life.

Assets, not the size or shape of the business they come from, are our commodity. Therefore, no job is too large or small and we service client's needs that are as simple as a single piece, as complex as an entire company with facilities in multiple countries, or as important as a family business.

Our Customers Help Us Maximize Your Value
We identify customers as those we sell to. Most of our customers are wholesalers, distributors or dealers. These offer the greatest opportunity for us to get your greatest value. While auctions often draw bargain seekers, our customers are willing to pay for what they can profit from.

Not only are they our customers, but we have trusted relationships with them as industry experts and real buyers that we call on time after time to move a wide variety of surplus assets from multiple market segments. We simply manage the process in away that is trusted by both clients and customers alike.

But commodities do not define the person or the company any more than the car they drive. Purpose does.

Our Purpose Is To See, Create, and Package Value In A Way That Is Quickly Understandable, Deliverable and Profitable TM
Value is not determined by size, shape or condition. It is determined by TWO REAL BUYERS. Take away one of the two REAL BUYERS and the value is gone. People will buy just about anything if the price is right. That's not value, but yet that is exactly what happens at public auctions every day. We are artists in fairness and technicians in discovering and creating value in a way that is deliverable & profitable. For example, we utilize our synergy and buying power to get real buyers shipping discounts up to 80% and with no loading fees which creates a larger marketing territory.

Isaiah 28 says: "If you error in vision you will stumble in judgment". Vision is what success looks like to the runners, the support team, and the spectators. We find our success in:

Our Vision is Enabling Our Clients To Stay Focused On Their Future By Becoming A Reliable Source To Manage, Remarket, or Purchase Used & Surplus Assets.
We do not put our success or that of our clients into the hands of someone else or other variables such as weather, bad timing, a late plane, or two buyers getting together on the side, all of which can prevent a success sale.

We manage the process in a business- like fashion over the five 10 day periods described above. Over the past 35 years we have developed a global network of real buyers that know we move quickly and the opportunity will not last. It is not unusual for us to have 100 or more real buyers looking at an item we are selling. True value is simply a by-product.

All of this coupled with one of the most powerful IBM database programs in the world enables us to turn the managing of surplus assets into a real time distribution or sales channel. 100 years ago every house had a water cistern. Today nobody has a cistern. Why? Because we have created reliable distribution channels for water that comes to our homes in such a reliable way that we just turn on and off the water with out a second thought.

We at King Surplus are creating that same distribution channel for surplus assets. With warehouses across the USA and Mexico we can help our clients flow that asset directly into a system uniquely designed for them in real time.

Every Business Has Surplus Assets
Every business has surplus assets and could use a quality pre-owned asset in place of a new unit. In essence every business could use our service, whether as a client or a customer. Who we are, our experience, our relationships and systems integrate so wonderfully with our clients, and most consider us as important as their second tier vendor / manufacturing relationships.

Costs Are Going Up and Value Is Going Down
Ask a car dealer about what his costs are for keeping a used car on the lot. He will say, "Inventory financing, cleaning, gas, sales time, insurance, overhead, sales lot expenses, opportunity cost, etc, etc, etc. They mount up daily. Then ask him what the new "blue book" is going to say about its value. He will say, "Every week it goes down in value. The same thing is happening to your surplus.

Call us for new and innovative ways to maximize quickly your capital recovery from surplus assets. Remember, every day you wait, its cost goes up and the value goes down. Call today!

Thanks again for your interest in our company.




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